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Family Focused

I am a wife, Married almost 30 years.  A Mother of two, one grown and one at home.  I struggled with fertility, also suffered an ectopic pregnancy.  We decided to adopt our biological Niece. One month after finalizing our adoption, we were shocked to find out we were pregnant.  I am so grateful an blessed, to have a girl an boy in my life. 

I come from a diverse family, the best part for me, is being an auntie to all my many nieces and nephews.

In 2006, I was inspired by a young woman, who needed a support system during her pregnancy. We went through the process together, It was life changing.  I realized then, that I could support an uplift families as a Doula.  I registered with Dona International, and am proud to serve women and families throughout Los Angeles County.

Every family deserves to have someone there to help guide and assist.  To support their journey, encourage educated choices about their pregnancy, adoption or surrogacy. As a Doula, I can help support your own personal beliefs.  Remind you to trust your instincts, during this most amazing time. I will be there to provide unbiased information and emotional support.

Postpartum Doula - Dona International 2006-Present 

Lactation Counselor- Healthy Children Project "The Center for Breastfeeding" 2019-Present

California Breastfeeding Coalition -member

National Association of County and City Health Officials - member

U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) - member

                                                             La Leche League - member                                                                                                                       

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